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Here are some of the most requested topics:

The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be

Welcome to the future. Fabulous new opportunities await. And crippling dead ends.

Working as a team to support each other and find solutions to new challenges is everything.

How comfortable is your team to voice their true opinions without fear of being judged and incurring negative consequences?

Teams that feel psychologically safe can move forward with confidence and enthusiasm.

A voyage into rationalising the challenges ahead and capitalising on the incredible initiatives that have emerged from adversity. Explore ways of inspiring teams to find new ways of working.

Emotional Intelligence: A Timely Response to an Extreme Situation

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognise and manage emotions.

Those who understand emotional intelligence are more likely to avoid miscommunication, reach consensus, manage stress and address conflicts effectively.

In the ongoing fallout of a pandemic, war and economic crises using these skills has never been more important.

Bridging the Generation Gap

Ever noticed how people of different age groups behave differently?

In this trip down memory lane, take the chance to explore the diversity of generational experiences through their formative years and understand the ways this can affect both expectations and behaviour.

Learn how to deploy practical strategies that will create effective and harmonious cross generational team working.

“Brilliant opening. Engaging, informative and lots of useful tools. Would be great to have more sessions with Kevin.”

“Kevin always delivers, I love it when I see he is on the agenda, very informative, and funny and keeps people engaged.”

“Kevin is very good at capturing your attention and keeping it on the subject.”

“Very engaging and thought provoking.”


“Kevin Meaney is a great presenter with interesting content.”

“We worked with Kevin at the start of 2023 to develop a bespoke leadership development package. Kevin was flexible in his approach and developed a bespoke package to meet the needs of our learners and our organisation. We were so pleased with the feedback, we have arranged another programme to be delivered soon.”

Alex Williams

Learning & Organisational Development Manager,
The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust

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