Mediation Skills

Course aims

To enable managers (or nominated mediators) to assist staff members who are in dispute. This course shows how to explore and understand differences and, if possible, to settle them. Ultimately, this will increase team motivation and reduce the need for formal interventions.

Topics covered

Initial meetings

  • First separate contact with the parties in dispute
  • Ensuring success through clear information and understanding
  • Ensuring commitment

The mediation meeting

  • Setting the scene and hearing the issues
  • Exploring and working on the issues
  • Building agreements
  • Closure

The mediation agreement

  • Recording agreements
  • What if agreement isn’t reached?
  • Contingency planning
  • Ethics and confidentiality
  • Mediation with managers and employees

Alternatives to mediation

  • Recognising when mediation is inappropriate
  • What to do when mediation is inappropriate

Course duration

1 day

Maximum number of delegates


“What an eye-opener! It has been a pleasure to work with Kevin from New Tricks in learning the skills required as a First Contact Officer and mediator.”
Delegate quote
“Group discussions excellent.”
Delegate quote
“Extremely beneficial – enjoyed very much.”
Delegate quote
“A lot of fun at times!”
Delegate quote
“Excellent trainer – very helpful and easy to understand.”
Delegate quote
“Very interesting and informative.”
Delegate quote
“Has opened my eyes and increased my ability to see things from other peoples perspectives while remaining impartial.”
Delegate quote
“Enjoyed role-play for the first time ever!”
Delegate quote

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