Strategy Development

Course aims

To enable managers to develop a forward thinking mindset.

This course will challenge managers to ask themselves difficult questions about how much of their time is spent reacting to events and how much is spent ensuring the organisation is prepared for the future.

Business tools will be used to diagnose their working situations and help them to create plans which will transform the way managers direct and lead their teams.

Topics covered

  • Understanding the environment
  • The Macro environment – examining the factors which are currently influencing market trends.
  • Assessing your strengths
  • The Micro environment – a diagnostic session exploring how ‘fit for purpose’ the delegates’ team is in order to respond to business/legislative/competitive demands.
  • Analysing available options
  • Taking a different view of the world – using practical tools to generate potential solutions to identified challenges.
  • Implementing action – Taking a logical approach. Looking at factors with which to base decisions in order that risk is minimised and the best possible benefits are identified and acted on.

Course duration

1 day

Maximum number of delegates


“Very enlightening and thought provoking. A real wake up call!”
Delegate quote
“Direct application to current strategy development.”
Delegate quote
“A very informative course, well delivered in a professional way.”
Delegate quote
“Subject matter was presented in a way that was applicable to, and related to our workplace.”
Delegate quote

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